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October is a Great Time for Flooring

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            The holiday decorating season is right around the corner starting with Halloween! If you're going to get your home or business looking great from top to bottom then the floors need to look their best. When it comes to getting ready for the holidays the beginning of fall is the perfect time to start.           
 October is a Great Time for Flooring

Now is the best time to replace your floors for a few reasons. First off, depending on how extensive the project is and the product you use getting the floors replaced may need to be done well in advance of the holidays. Hardwood flooring and tile are two options that can take weeks to be completed if there is a lot of square footage involved. But this far in advance you shouldn't have any problem getting everything ready for the start of the holiday season.

Just as importantly is the fact that October has fairly temperate weather. This makes things easier on the installers, can help reduce energy costs and in the case of wood makes things a little more stable during the acclimation period

Getting Your Floors Looking Their Best for the Holidays

Newly installed floors will be ready to shine just in time for the holidays. But if your not so brand new floors need a little pick me up here are a few tips to get them ready for the festivities.
  • Save the floor cleaning for last - Cleaning top to bottom is the best bet, which means your floors should be the last place you touch up.
  • Get a professional cleaning for carpets - Even carpet that's a few years old can use a deep, professional steam cleaning before the holidays.
  • Wax woods the right way - If you want wood and linoleum floors to look their best a wax will do the trick. Water-based silicon waxes are a safe, easy bet for sealed woods. If you have linoleum or unvarnished hardwood opt for liquid or paste wax. Waxing should be done annually, but don't wait until right before your event. To do it right you'll need to move out all the furniture and apply a few thin coats instead of one thick application.

If you are looking to get an early holiday gift for your home or office call FINAL TOUCH FLOORING GROUP  to schedule a free in home flooring estimate.  You can also come by our showroom to speak with a consultant and get professional help deciding which flooring option will look best all year long.
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