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Final Touch Flooring Group – The Perfect Carpets

Final Touch Flooring Group – The Perfect Carpets

Your carpet is in many ways the centerpiece of your house; it is seen and felt everyday whether you consciously realize it or not. For this reason, it is essential that your carpet be perfect both in look and feel, otherwise it will impact the way you enjoy your house every day. In order to make sure that you get the carpet your house needs, Final Touch Flooring stocks the largest number of the highest quality styles so that no one will ever go home disappointed. With dozens of designer collections from five different leading brand name suppliers, we carry the largest number of specialized products; each made by highly talented designers to optimize both elegance and comfort. With a selection this large, there is guaranteed to be a carpet style for any home type and atmosphere. Not to mention all of these different collection and styles come in hundreds of different colors ranging from extravagant golds, greys, and beiges, to more exotic reds, blues, and violets. Whatever your room color maybe or accent you need, we have the color your looking for in the style you need. All of our carpets also have unique looks depending on the production types: Classic loops and Twists coming in numerous different patterns and layouts, custom textured looks add depth to any room, and designer patterns to give any room a unique and distinct feel. Whatever your lifestyle may be, we have carpets to comply with your needs. Whether you live with pets or kids, highly durable yet soft carpets will give you the gentle feel they need while saving you money. Eco-friendly shoppers will be happy to hear that a large majority of our products have been made to uphold the highest standards of environmental policy, and local businesses will also be thankful for our dedication to carpets made in the USA. Visit us at our location at 5455 Bells Ferry Road, Acworth, GA, check us out online at http://www.finaltouchflooringgroup.com/about-us.html, and like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ftfgroup/. To schedule an appointment just give us a call (770-709-1092) or email us at info@finaltouchflooringgroup.com and our professionals will help you plan your future flooring.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Final Touch Flooring Group – Wood Details

Final Touch Flooring Group – Wood Details
At Final Touch Flooring Group, we pride ourselves on making sure that the products we sell you come from the highest quality manufacturers, because we know that your satisfaction, our environment, and the local economy are important. To guarantee all of these needs are met, we have hand selected the manufacturers we want to work with because we know they share our same goals and commitments. Two of the manufacturers we have been privileged to work with include Bruce Hardwood Floors and Somerset Hardwood Flooring. Both these companies have a high level of dedication to our environment, and they both take extra efforts to make sure that the forests are treated in a sustainable manner. This includes obtaining certifications from FSC to verify that their practices have low ecological impact and that their treatment processes how low-emissions. After the trees are harvested, efforts are taken to replenish the forests to make sure the ecosystems stay healthy throughout the following years. Somerset even employs fulltime forestry staff to monitor these ecosystems. Besides just ecological benefits of our wood, the manufacturers for Final Touch Flooring get their wood from the Appalachian Mountains; this means that all the work stays local, from harvesting, to processing, to delivery. We are dedicated to benefitting the customer and the community we live in as much as possible. Most important is the actual product. Final Touch Flooring has chosen these manufacturers because they have a high dedication to quality, only utilizing the best ten percent of wood to make sure it has fewer streaks, knots, and flaws, as well as, having a clear grain, consistent color, and higher stability. We carry a large variety of hard woods, ranging in color from whites, to reds, to browns, and this variety also applies to our shines, tones, shadings, and styles. Distressed, hand scraped, traditional and more, we have every type of wood flooring in the highest quality. Come see our selection in person at 5455 Bells Ferry Road, Acworth, GA, or view them online at http://www.finaltouchflooringgroup.com/about-us.html, and like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ftfgroup/.
To schedule an appointment just give us a call (770-709-1092) or email us at info@finaltouchflooringgroup.com and our professionals will help you plan your future flooring

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shaw takes LVT offering to the next level with Floorté

Shaw takes LVT offering to the next level with Floorté


While luxury vinyl tile remains the fastest growing flooring category, it does have its challenges – namely temperature change and moisture. But Shaw has come up with a newly engineered Enhanced Vinyl Plank (EVP) that repels moisture with zero need for acclimation.
Similar to that of a wood plastic composite, Shaw reported that its new line, Floorté, is a different composition of resins that incorporates a new locking system, making the floor completely waterproof.
The LVT category has been booming with new technologies. In 2013, USFloors introduced a WPC plank utilizing a cork backing.
Shaw’s director of hard surface marketing, Natalie Cady, explained that with Floorté’s EVP, an underlayment is not necessary.
“With our rigid Lifeguard Core, you can simply fold, tap and walk away with little to no subfloor preparation necessary. Not only is the plank itself waterproof, but water can sit on the ‘fold n tap’ seams and joints for 48 hours and remain completely unaffected,” she said, noting that the walls and subfloors of the installation are excluded from the waterproof guarantee.
Cady, along with other members of Shaw’s hard surface team, showed FCW an exclusive first-hand example of just how capable Floorté’s planks perform. Submerged in a tank of water for over 10 days, Floorté could be simply wiped dry with a cloth and ready for installation.
Besides introducing a completely waterproof system with Floorté, Shaw also addresses another challenge met with traditional LVT: acclimation. According to Clark Hodgkins, resilient category manager at Shaw, Floorté is able to go from 55 degrees to 85 degrees without growing or shrinking due to changes in temperature.
“Although you can’t beat science, we have enhanced the vinyl with various resins to allow it to hold shape in different temperatures,” Hodgkins said. “Installers can take it out of their van and put it directly onto the ground with zero acclimation. With traditional LVT it could take hours to properly acclimate the product. So while the consumer might not be affected by that factor, this saves a lot of time for the team on the ground installing.”
Focus on color and design
Floorté comes in two different collections, Classico and Premio. Classico comes with a 12mil wearlayer and is introduced with 14 different colors, while Premio has a 20mil wearlayer and comes in 13 different colors. According to Sandi Ownby, Shaw’s hard surface design manager, this many new SKUs allowed Shaw to target a variety of different trends in hardwood.
“We are hitting as many different customer tastes as possible with these initial introductions. All are intentionally selected,” Ownby explained. “For that reason, we have some exotic looking olives, some traditional exotics, grays with muted dark tones, even a visual that looks like a 200-year-old Italian door with watermarks and aging. On our first release to dealers we came out with several dark tones, so we decided to add lighter tones.”
Hodgkins explained that because Floorté is a more rigid product than traditional LVT, it looks and feels more like a real wood floor. “Sometimes when LVT is installed, the realism of the print gets lost on the ground. This product fixes that issue with a bevel that makes it look even more realistic,” he said, adding that the price point of Floorté will be slightly higher than traditional LVT but less than hardwood prices.
And as Shaw continues its quest to have a larger presence in the LVT market, Hodgkins believes Floorté has the potential to be revolutionary for the company and the market alike.
“We feel very good about this product and the affect it will have in the marketplace. It’s something our dealers have been asking for and early reviews have been extremely well received,” he said.

/Uploads/Public/Shaw Floorte Premio_745 Novella.jpg

Shaw Floorté in Premio Novella

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Specials At Final Touch Flooring Group

MARCH 2015

          Happy Saint Patricks Day
It's that time of the year for shamrocks, Irish stew, corned beef & cabbage, patron saints, leprechauns and most of all the color green, green and more green.  Saving green money is something everyone wants and needs to do.  Allow Final Touch Flooring Group to show you just how much "GREEN" we can save you by coming out to give you a free estimate on your flooring today.
                   WE ARE OPEN ON SATURDAYS!!!!!

Spring is on the way and it is time check out your neighborhood small businesses.  On a Saturday afternoon, come take a look at the many shops in historic downtown Acworth and visit us.  Final Touch Flooring is right on the corner of South Main Street and Lemon Street.  Walk on in and see our endless designs of carpets, our rich colors of hardwoods and the infamous durable LVT.  Although we carry many other types of flooring this is just a few we have.  We carry such manufacturers as Shaw (carpets and hardwoods), Somerset, Palmetto Road, Armstrong, Tarkett, Harris, Intgerceramic and so many more.  I would love to show you around our showroom and set up a time to come out to give you a free estimate.  Our hours of operation on Saturdays is 10am to 2pm.  We are also open Monday -Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.  So if you find yourself out and about on a beautiful early spring Saturday morning stop by Final Touch Flooring Group and say hello!! 

TUFTEX Pattern Collections by SHAW

Pattern carpet is becoming one of the most popular choices of carpet options in todays market.  Tuftex Carpet have just what you are looking for when looking for a pattern.  Anywhere from contemporary to traditional, you will definitely find that perfect design for you interior décor.  Many of today's patterned carpets have color lines that coordinate with companion pieces.  With this you are allowed to be creative with so many different styles throughout your home with it  still being tied together with a common color theme.  Tuftex is making it easy to design and decorate your home with high end, high styles patterns, the newest color lines and area rugs that will coordinate throughout your entire home.  Show your style.....your color...your theme....your design ....for your home today!!!  Stop my Final Touch Flooring to see our newest Tuftex carpets today! 

We are there for you from start to finish!!!!

Allow Final Touch Flooring Group the opportunity to earn your trust in one of the most important investments you have made in your life......your home.


LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

LVT provides a warmth and comfort of hardwood flooring while offering the enhance durability of a luxury vinyl plank.  LVT can hold up easily with residential or medium commercial traffic.  This includes a brood  teenagers,  and your adored animals.  The polished finish saves you money with it long term maintenance.  The  planks also have a disinfectant agent against bacteria and fungi.  LVT mimics the look of real wood floors at a fraction of the cost.  Impressive without the cost.  Traditionally with regular old school vinyl your floor would need to be completely flat so that the material could glue down.  With LVT they also have a floating LVT so imperfections in your basement or cement are not as much of an issue.  The materials just lock together and that is it.  So if you are looking for a waterproof product that is cost effective, has ultralow maintenance give Nikki a call at 770 709 1092 and live the life of luxury with Luxury Vinyl Tile.

 Final Touch Flooring Group
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Flooring for Your Kitchen

Flooring for Your Kitchen

Tile, stone, cork, wood or vinyl? Kitchen choices fit all budgets.

Spacious Kitchen with Wood and Tile
Your kitchen floor, besides being practical and durable, is a major design statement as well. The floor you choose affects every other element of your design and with the variety of materials, colors and textures available today, your choices are nearly endless.
  • Stone or tile is an excellent choice for heavy traffic areas. Ceramic tile is durable and available in assorted colors and styles with the option for decorative borders and designs.
  • Limestone is a natural stone that offers an Old World look. It's a porous material that must be sealed upon installation and then twice a year.
  • Cork is a durable, versatile material available in a variety of colors. It is water-resistant and reduces impact noise.
  • Wood is a popular choice for today's kitchens. It feels good underfoot and creates a warm look. Today's prefinished wood floors withstand heavy traffic and water stains. High-pressured plastic laminates are an alternative that provide the same look for less money.
  • Vinyl or resilient flooring offers a variety of styles and colors in either tiles or sheets for those on a budget.Final Touch Flooring Group

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October is a Great Time for Flooring

Final Touch Flooring Group

            The holiday decorating season is right around the corner starting with Halloween! If you're going to get your home or business looking great from top to bottom then the floors need to look their best. When it comes to getting ready for the holidays the beginning of fall is the perfect time to start.           
 October is a Great Time for Flooring

Now is the best time to replace your floors for a few reasons. First off, depending on how extensive the project is and the product you use getting the floors replaced may need to be done well in advance of the holidays. Hardwood flooring and tile are two options that can take weeks to be completed if there is a lot of square footage involved. But this far in advance you shouldn't have any problem getting everything ready for the start of the holiday season.

Just as importantly is the fact that October has fairly temperate weather. This makes things easier on the installers, can help reduce energy costs and in the case of wood makes things a little more stable during the acclimation period

Getting Your Floors Looking Their Best for the Holidays

Newly installed floors will be ready to shine just in time for the holidays. But if your not so brand new floors need a little pick me up here are a few tips to get them ready for the festivities.
  • Save the floor cleaning for last - Cleaning top to bottom is the best bet, which means your floors should be the last place you touch up.
  • Get a professional cleaning for carpets - Even carpet that's a few years old can use a deep, professional steam cleaning before the holidays.
  • Wax woods the right way - If you want wood and linoleum floors to look their best a wax will do the trick. Water-based silicon waxes are a safe, easy bet for sealed woods. If you have linoleum or unvarnished hardwood opt for liquid or paste wax. Waxing should be done annually, but don't wait until right before your event. To do it right you'll need to move out all the furniture and apply a few thin coats instead of one thick application.

If you are looking to get an early holiday gift for your home or office call FINAL TOUCH FLOORING GROUP  to schedule a free in home flooring estimate.  You can also come by our showroom to speak with a consultant and get professional help deciding which flooring option will look best all year long.
Melody Higgins
Final Touch Flooring Group

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to choose the best flooring for your kitchen or bathroom

How to choose the best flooring for your kitchen or bathroom

It’s important to do your research and make careful considerations before moving forward with a material order or choosing a contractor for installation, says Wyant (Photo courtesy of DirectBuy of Indianapolis)
It’s important to do your research and make careful considerations before moving forward with a material order or choosing a contractor for installation, says Melody Higgins (Photo courtesy of Final Touch Flooring Group)
A winter home improvement projects continue, many people are still looking around their homes and realizing how much last summer had a gloomy impact on their floors. For some homeowners, it will be a great time to start that remodeling project - especially for a bathroom or kitchen. Of course, a big part of any remodeling project is choosing a flooring type.
Making a choice for the proper flooring in a kitchen or a bathroom requires some forethought and planning on the part of the homeowner. There are a variety of flooring choices for consideration. 

Flooring to avoid

First, let’s start with what to avoid. Carpet is not a recommended option due to its ability to absorb and hold moisture. Also, it is one of the hardest flooring types to keep clean in a kitchen or a bathroom. It will show more foot traffic, and cleaning up those every day spills can become frustrating.

Good options

If one is considering a wood floor, it’s good to note that engineered hardwood flooring performs better than laminate flooring. Hardwood flooring is made of a sturdier, more water-resistant plywood base. However, engineered wood flooring is generally more expensive to purchase and to have installed. An alternative for the “wood look” is the latest trend of porcelain tiles, with the look of wood, and the durability of tile, with the option of five-inch planks.
Tile is also a long-term beauty option and is a very durable material. There are several tile options ranging from ceramic, to highly expensive, and rare natural stone materials. The most important factor to keep in mind is that natural stone, such as travertine, requires a stone sealer to help reduce the ability of water/moisture to penetrate.
Porcelain tile does not allow penetration of moisture and porcelain is a material that many tile manufacturers are using to simulate the look and feel of natural stone materials. The cost of porcelain is generally less than natural stone.

Inexpensive flooring

An inexpensive choice for the kitchen is vinyl tile or sheet vinyl flooring. However, even though it is petroleum-based, it is a composite material. Vinyl tile squares have seams that moisture can penetrate. Sheet vinyl is generally seamless, or has a minimum number of seams, and therefore does a better long- term job.

Don’t forget to match

If wood or laminate flooring is being selected, matching or accent colors are suggested to compliment the cabinets. The choices of wood species vary but oak, bamboo, hickory, maple and walnut are among the most popular. A hand-scraped finish could be considered for a high traffic area because it’s more forgiving of wear marks.

Do your research

Finally, it’s important to do your research and make careful considerations before moving forward with a material order or choosing a contractor for installation. If a homeowner would like to get the best price on the flooring for the kitchen remodeling project while still ensuring a quality product, find a qualified, reputable flooring installer in your area.